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DesertPastorThumb.jpg A husband, father, and pastor who's in love with the journey!


Desert Pastor is actually Chris Monroe -- an ordained elder in the Free Methodist Church who pastors a congregation in the high desert of Southern California and who has a passion for churches to be missional within today's postmodern context.

Chris' personal mission is "to ignite a passion in people and leaders that emphasizes belonging before believing, becoming socially holy instead of holier-than-thou, and living as fully devoted followers of Jesus who are humble enough to learn from the Church's past and courageous enough to navigate her future."


Whew! My life has been an amazing and ecclectic journey! Who would have ever guessed that I would have ended up where I am today?

I was raised by a mother who had a personal relationship with Jesus, but our family was not a religious one. Dad thought church was full of hypocrites. It was a great place for picking up chicks but not much more than that. His workaholism, along with a drinking problem led to many problems for me and my sisters. "Dysfunctional" -- I don't really like that word, but yeah, I suppose we fit the bill.

Depsite the turbulent years of my youth, I managed to find my way to a personal and vibrant faith. Was it all those years when my mom would drop us kids off at Sunday School? Or was it the spirit-filled youth ministry I finally encountered in high school? I'm not sure, except to say that God was certainly moving in my life in a sovereign way.

During my elementary school years, I was attending an American Baptist church on an almost weekly basis: Temple City First Baptist. It was here where I first learned of God and his plan of salvation through Christ, and for that I'm grateful. Because I didn't live in the church's neighborhood (Arcadia/Temple City) but on "the other side of the tracks" (El Monte), the kids in the youth group never seemed to accept me into their inner circle. The Jr. High leaders were good people, but the negative peer pressure eventually drove me out of the church.

It wasn't until my sophomore year in high school that I had anything to do with the Church, or with Christians for that matter. But after a friend introduced me to his Church's youth group in nearby West Covina, things began to quickly and radically change.

(more to come)


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