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October 14, 2003


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DP -

Just found and catching up with your blog. I have truely enjoyed our conversations recently at theOoze. Thanks.

This reflection about "Cheap Grace" kinda describes my concern as I venture more into an understanding of postmodernism. This is such a shift, and the new paradigm gives quite an explanation to the change in my thinking over the last few years - so that it is very appealing. Yet I still fear that I might be simply looking for an "easy answer" that fits comfortably into my thinking, rather than allowing myself to be challenged by truth (bad word to use when discussing postmodernism, I suspect, but couldn't really find a more appropriate one!). I can send myself spinning in circles with this sometimes...

ChristopherRobin -- I think you're approaching the whole paradigm shift well, being careful (and willing) to deconstruct the deconstruction (so to speak). The appealing aspect is like a breath of fresh air to many people. It's not uncommon for me to hear people say stuff like: "where has this been all my life!" I'm not sure if that describes you or not, but hang in there and keep "exploring" -- it's an amazing journey!

How can grace be anything but free to us and priceless to God? How people use what God freely gives doesn't diminish the gift, rather it produces it's intended affect (freedom, joy and kingdom life) or an excuse to stay in bondage. It's the same with those who use the law for keeping their flock "in line" rather than its intended purpose of showing the dead their need for life. The law isn't cheap...just miss used.

When God prompts me to help someone financially, I expect that whatever they use the money for is between them and God. It doesn't cheapen the gift, my joy in giving or God's joy in my obedience.

I appreciate the B-man's life and plight although to put his suffering up on a pedestal isn't helpful. We all experience testing and persecution, each according to his/her ability to endure.

Hope it's ok to hold an alternative view. Good issue to discuss. Now I'm off to read that interview with the house church pastors :)

You know, Rick, I've always been fascinated by the paradoxes and enigmas of scripture. "Grace and responsibility" is certainly one of them. I really appreciated the "choice" you pointed out in relation to grace (i.e. resulting in freedom... or bondage). And... of course it's ok to hold an alternative view (about Bonhoeffer, or anything else for that matter). Glad you're reading and posting here!

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