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December 11, 2003


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i agree that the core doctrines of Christianity have to be taught again... but they can't be taught again in the same way. we have to learn a new language and engage a different culture to tell the age old story in a way that relates to our culture. i agree with those who have been saying that we are really missionaries in america and we have to start thinking like ones. we have to engage in cross-cultural ministry to postmoderns. we have to start behaving, acting, thinking, speaking and loving like missionaries.

the link to the article has an extra http:// in front of it and thus sends me straight to google. just a heads up.

I don't believe in the same things I believed as a youth. For example, I no longer believe that being a nice person is all it takes to get into heaven. Sure, my church taught from the pulpit that it was faith and not works, but in the behavior and actions of church leadership, it was clear we had a works righteousness.

And, frankly, I think it is because of, not in spite of, agencies like the ACLJ and Focus on the Family that Christianity is not shaping culture. These agencies have consistently chosen the wrong issues to fight over.

Lucas - thanks for the heads up on the link error.

Kevin -- If the ACLJ and Focus have chosen the wrong issues (and perhaps they have), what would you consider to be better issues to focus on?

I don't completely understand why, but I find these surveys very distressing. I'm not sure what we really learn by distilling beliefs down into little statements of "loaded" words, and counting people's reactions to them... I think this is similar to my distress at measuring church "success" by attendance numbers...

Or maybe my distress is actually my niggling fear that in my growing tolerance and acceptance of some "grey" issues in my beliefs, I really have "fallen-away"!! I have the feeling from the results that I have read quoted in numerous places, that I'm not sure how purely, evangelically "correct" I could honestly respond to some of these Barna poll questions anymore... :(

I sure would love to see the actual wording of some of the questions polled. I wonder what kind of reaction we would all have to the language they use?

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