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April 12, 2004


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Would you tell us exactly where All Nations Holy Mountain is?

Scott -- All Nations Holy Mountain is located on Swarthout Canyon Rd., just off of Historic Route 66 (Cajon Blvd.). From I-15, exit Cleghorn, go South on Cajon Blvd, and West on Swarthout Canyon Rd. This is a maintained dirt road, which serves as the back way up to Wrightwood. This area is known as the "West Cajon Valley."

do you think my youth pastor husband would mind if I moved to California to come to your church?? what an amazing HOLY WEEK you had! Maybe we'll just travel for Easter next year as a family? I think that would be a better choice! :)

Heidi -- LOL! Come on out here! And hey, you never know -- Benjy and I have been talking how as Paradox continues to grow, he'll be shifting his focus there and we'll need to hire a new youth pastor! :D

We'll definately keep that in mind! :) We're 'desert people' at heart, but in truth we're pasty irish/scandinavian folk who slather on latex paint as sunblock to keep from burning, so becoming 'desert people' in real life is probably a stretch. Although to serve in/with the caliber of people you are/have and in the type of ministry you are doing it would be worth the stretch!

Hello, I read your article and I am trying to locate a phone number for "All Nations Holy Mountain"- I have heard of this place and would like to call to set up a reservation. Could you please help me?
Josie D

I have heard about prayer mountains. I would like to go and spend some quiet time there. I live in Fontana California. Which is the closest one? And how can get there?

Thank you very much.

Louise Walling

I need plenty more belief, plenty more power of prayer and more Holy Ghost with me. Please pray also that God gives me gifts of God's grace.

how do i find the address or info for prayer mountain??
i really want to check it out!
dj 904 553 3535

i need to know where prayer mountain is perris cal preferably or close by 714 9284565

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