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February 01, 2005


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I just commented over on my blog. Sort of. I really don't want to criticize anyone - too much of that going on. I will say I agreed with the caller who made the comment on Jakes and Brian... and I think we need a new name.

Too bad I missed it. I'm glad to hear it went well.

It was really hard to stomach the LaHayes. Nothing personal.

Reminds me of a favorite Texas-ism: the tallest pygmy basketball player

DP, I copied the image you used for my own post.

"T.D. Jakes..."

Oh, please tell me you realize how heretical his Christology is? Pretty please? :)

Karl, some would say that Jakes' Christology is still "in process."

That said, I do conceded there are some serious concerns there.

It was a good time to look at the differences among evangelicals. Too often, we are all painted with the same paintbrush.

Brian and Jakes did a good job of giving another perspective while still remaining respectful of the other guests and their views.

Their concerns were broader in scope and more responsive to the culture of tolerance that we find ourselves in today.

It should not surprise us that the older guests, even Graham were more singular in their focus. That approach has worked for them in the past, they will not discard it so easily now.

I missed the broadcast and only read the transcript. I agree Brian was beautiful in what he did get to say. I am not a huge fan of prosperity-bound Jakes, but he certainly was better than the LeHaye's and Graham. The LeHaye's and Graham could only offer pat answer rhetoric instead of relational authenticity. It's like they have memorized a script and can spew it off, instead of engaging the script, their role, and the other characters they are supposed to interact with. They are like a machine gun, cocked and ready to spew out their bullets of "truth" instead of engaging people, listening to them. They have to be "RIGHT" all the time. God loves them, i know, but their "methods" are antiquated and worn out and more often than not, fall on deaf ears. I rather be accused of being tolerant rather than be right all the time.

I'd like to hear more on why it was a difficult process for McLaren. I am glad someone was able to encourage him.

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