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ECP's: How Do YOU Rate?

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Emergent Church Points (ECP's) -- giving them, earning them, receiving them, tallying them -- it's the hotest new craze among pomo's!  But be warned: you can lose ECP's as quickly as you can get them!

So... how do you and your emerging community rate?  It's easy to find out, just use the abreviated scorecard below and then tally up your points to see if you're an emerging winner!


So... how'd you do?


Credits: the term "ECP" did not originate with me.  I first encountered its use by Nathan Gilmour on a comment post on TheOoze.


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I love it! We do indeed face the challenge of not becoming a caracature of ourselves!

I don't know if I want to score high or low - I think that should rate me another 50 points.

Read your response to my last comments - I think I feel a blog post coming on. I found you article through Resonate Canada and have linked you so I can expore your blog a bit more.

blessings - One of Freedom!

"I don't know if I want to score high or low - I think that should rate me another 50 points."

LOL! Ohhh yeahhh! Definitely give yourself another 50 points!

Chris the reality likely is, the higher the that your " NOT ." was a good laugh. Hmmmm, it was meant to be funny...wasn't it?

Well, ron -- considering how often I mess around and cut-up on this site, I guess I can't blame you for asking. :O

Ouch! That is really, really funny, except that's my table, literally! Oh well, I am always poking fun at others, guess it's my turn.

Don't forget:


using a Nooma video: +200

using video backgrounds instead of powerpoint: +100

Worship service called "gathering": +25

Bashing megachurches: +75

And finally....

When you just need an online identity

having a theooze membership:


Excellent additions, Benjy!

Business card?!? C'mon, shouldn't that just be an easy to remember URL? :-)

We should get book points for Pagitt and Polanyi and Wright too.

I read through these initially for amusement, but figured I would throw my own scary factor in there, to be read as you may:

Thinking back on the last few religious ceremonies I have been a part of I added up the points. 535 including Benjy's additions, and I and those who gather with me are Pagans.

I keep thinking of more:

quoting mclaren, cussing/swearing, having a goatee, reading celtic way of evangelism or missional church!

sigh, it's fearful when you realise you're becoming a parody of a parody of a parody of yourself


on a more serious side I hope we don't stop experimenting with new ideas, just because they're laughable when looked at from an slight tangent.

also, there's a really interesting question lurking behind your two pub-with-friends options ..

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