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December 08, 2006


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Of particular interest to me was Marty's support for catechesis -- BUT...only if it is "relational" in nature rather than "propositional" (which is most commonly the case).

??? What does that mean?

Catechesis should be relational- the catechumen learning the faith as embodied and taught by the church, in the liturgy for example, and through confessional times with the priest. Beyond this I'm not sure what he's referring to.


It's my understanding, that catechesis in the EO Church is inherently relational -- like you've very briefly alluded to. But apparently, in many mainline churches, catechesis has taken the form of a "course of study", with confirmation following the successful completion of the same. I believe this is what was being reacted to.



Ah ok, understood. :)

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