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December 09, 2006


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you've asked for comments and thoughts in each post... so mostly... thank you for making all of this available. seriously... such a rich conversation.

Hi, Im from Melbourne.

ALL narratives are exactly and only that--narratives or stories which attempt to explain Humankinds relationship to and understanding of the Infinitely Radiant Mystery in which all of this is arising.

ALL of which were and are made in time and space and inevitably a projection of the culturally determined mind forms of those who made (make) it, and the depth of their Spiritual Illumination.

With that in mind please check out this reference re to who owns the Holy Brightness.


Meanwhile in this day and age ALL of the HUMANLY made Sacred Scriptures of the entire Great Tradition of Humankind are freely available on the internet. And as such they are the common inheritance of all of us.
And we are also witnessing (and participating in) a global fight to the death war. A war between the mind made idolatries created by the would be world conquering political "religions" which originated in the Middle East.
Both claiming to possess the one true faith/revelation/way etc etc.

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