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December 28, 2007


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I love your perspective and the encouragement it gives me, a 51 year old who lived through the WOW Jesus-freak-charismatic movement of the late 60's/early 70s as a tweener. Really had a life-long impact on me.

I'm seeing folks subtly criticized for worshiping in whatever way they are, just because they aren't jumping onto the newest fad of church-style. I think some have forgotten that *the people* are the church, and there can be as many formal organized gatherings as there are personalities. Many organized bodies have been here for centuries, as you have pointed out. They'll be here until the Lord returns, because they serve a need.


Thanks for posting your thoughts. What you have lived through brings an important perspective.

The last thing you said has got me wondering.

"They'll be here until the Lord returns, because they serve a need."

What do you think: does the Institutional Church exist because it serves a need, or does it exist because it has been instituted by God? I'd enjoy hearing your thoughts.



"The path into the future runs through the past." I would expand this thought and say the past must include the principles of worship described in the Bible.

Biblical principles are the past through which the future of worship runs.

An evaluative measure of our practice of worship is to determine the biblical reasons supporting our routines. Forms and formulas of worship serve to support and reinforce biblical teachings of faith and practice. Biblical principles surrounding the breaking of bread, ministry of the word, prayer and fellowship determine the forms of worship we practice.

I recall a critic of the Billy Graham ministry rhetorically asking, "where are you taking the church," Billy Graham's reply was, "I want to take it back to the 1st Century." Biblical principles are the past through which the future of worship runs.

Respectfully, Your Heidelberg Pastor.

You mentioned discussing the history with the church. I would add maybe a whole small group or sunday school class devoted to working through church Histor. Kenneth Scott Laturette (sp) has a very comprehensive and readable church history. With education comes less fear and less fear equals less resistance to the whole thing.

Great post.

Your post got me wondering: when it comes to the worship of YHWH by His chosen people, do you believe the ancient scriptures are mostly "descriptive" or "prescriptive?"



Great idea -- offering a class on Church History.

Peace to you. Happy New Year.

You mention the Lectionary and the Church Year. I have some Evangelical friends who have really been surprised how meaningful those can be. For example. Today is the 8th Day of Christmas, also called Holy Name or more precisely Feast of the Circumcision.

How many of those Protestants who worry about 'Catholic' tendencies have considered that Jesus first bled for us today?

Using the practices of the Ancient Church can be a profound way of seeking the Risen One.

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