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August 17, 2008


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My thanks for the succinct review of Galli's book. I am one who grew up in a "high-church" tradition, then in my early 20's left it for a non-denom / evan church. I am now approaching 50 and finally discovering the beauty of the Liturgy. What I have appreciated most about it is it's timelessness that transcends culture, fads, and petty differences that so often beset evangelical churches. For the last couple of years I have been observing the church calendar in my personal times with God. It has been rich indeed. I look forward to reading Galli's book soon.

Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your journey -- there are a LOT of us out here with similar stories to tell. I hope you enjoy Galli's book, and hope you'll leave another comment once you've finished it.


Good review, Chris. I'm another 50-something who left fundamentalism for a liturgical church. I could never go back. The difference for me is on whom we are focusing - me or God. In my church, it's clearly God. Liturgy actually means,"work of the people", together we pray and exalt Christ.

I'm certainly feeling what you've shared. I'm sure that fundamentalist churches strongly "claim" to be focused on Christ in their worship -- many can't quite see the subtle ways in which they cater to our overly individualistic appetites. That's one reason why we so need to re-embrace the "work of the people" as you have pointed out.

Thanks for posting.


Glad to see your still making such great thoughtful posts!


Well, thank you!
The past year and a half have been tough, but I'm looking forward to getting back to my ol' blogging self.


So I see, and am very sorry for all your losses. May their memories be eternal.

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